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Ugly Produce, Small Business Stats, and Retirement Expenses

By November 22, 2023No Comments

Hey there, my wonderful American Centrist friends! I hope this morning finds you all feeling as fabulous as you look. If you’re feeling a little bit drained, don’t worry – we’ll get through this together.

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Joke of the Day: Did you hear the one about the rude turkey?

It was jerk-y.

Keeping up with America

Why is Thanksgiving so expensive? Here’s what the data says: Shoppers can expect to pay a pretty penny for their Thanksgiving meal this year.

Do electric cars pose a greater fire risk than petrol or diesel vehicles? The first in a series exploring the myths and realities surrounding EVs

A U.S. Navy plane overshot a runway and went into a bay in Hawaii, and when the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services Department got to the scene, military officials told the emergency workers that all nine people aboard made it safely to shore with no injuries, spokesperson Shayne Enright said.

Probe of ‘massive’ fentanyl ring leads to 23 in custody and 250K pills seized: The investigation began with the overdose death of a young mom.

OpenAI employees threaten to quit en masse after former CEO Sam Altman joins Microsoft: Hundred of employees signed a letter calling on the board to step down or risk mass resignations if Altman and former President Greg Brockman weren’t reinstated.

Around the World

Italy mafia trial – 200 sentenced to 2,200 years for mob links: More than 200 defendants in one of Italy’s biggest mafia trials for generations have been sentenced to a total of more than 2,200 years in jail.

North Korea will try again to launch a military spy satellite in the coming days: North Korea told neighboring Japan that it will make a third attempt to launch a military spy satellite in the coming days, Japanese officials said, after the two previous launches failed.

Lets Talk Business and Tech

Quantum Artificial Intelligence Is Closer Than You Think: The deliberate collision of two game-changing technologies has the potential to upend the technology industry and bring about a new era of business disruption and innovation.

Small Business Statistics In 2023: Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, employing a huge percentage of Americans. Here are the facts.

Harvard prof said ocean balls were alien tech, may just be industrial waste: Avi Loeb ruffled feathers after saying metal spherules at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean might be alien tech. Now, there’s another theory.

Richer, Wiser, Happier

Recession ahead? Follow these Money Saving Tips for your Workplace: Experienced business leaders give their money saving tips for your workplace that can help guide you through economic challenges.

Save Money On Food By Buying Ugly Produce | Nicole Dow, Penny Hoarder. It’s probably not news to you, but the price of fresh produce is rising. Although the rate at which the price of food in general is rising has slowed, it’s still on the way up. You need a strategy for buying fresh foods because you still want to eat good-for-you fresh food.

10 Biggest Expenses in Retirement: Read about the 10 biggest retirement expenses and how to plan for them.

Sports and Showbiz Shenanigans

NFL Week 11 takeaways: Browns defense is ‘special’; 49ers appear to be back | NBA In-Season Tournament schedule, standings: Lakers look to go 4-0, Pacers can clinch East Group A

Christopher Nolan wants fans to keep buying films on Blu-ray | The Future of Texas Film Is $200 Million Brighter

A$AP Rocky headed to trial for allegedly firing a gun at former friend | Elon Musk’s X Sues Media Matters Amid Advertiser Exodus

 Life Hacks to Hack Your Life

4 Tips for Handling Conflicts With Your Business Partner

11 Gifts For Animal Lovers Who Can’t Have Pets

Meet Melting Potatoes, the Golden Child of Easy, Gut-Friendly Recipes That Solely Requires Pantry Staples

25 Best Agatha Christie Movie Adaptations Ranked

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