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Risky IV Drips, Budgeting Rules, and Little-Known AI Stock

By January 2, 2024No Comments

Hey there, my wonderful American Centrist friends! I hope this morning finds you all feeling as fabulous as you look. If you’re feeling a little bit drained from the week, don’t worry – we’ll get through this together.

Joke of the Day: What do you call a snake wearing a hard hat?

A boa constructor.

Keeping up with America

Train derails and catches fire near San Francisco, causing minor injuries: Officials say several people suffered minor injuries and service was disrupted when a train derailed and caught fire on New Year’s Day in the San Francisco Bay Area

Warnings grow about risky IV drips and injections at unregulated med spas: Infectious disease and ER doctors say they are seeing more severe infections and other injuries associated with the facilities, which can operate with little oversight.

The New Year offers a clean slate for long-elusive resolutions. Will 2024 be the year to keep them?

Nearly 200 names linked to Jeffrey Epstein expected to be made public: List could be released as soon as Tuesday after deadline for objections to unsealing of names passes midnight Monday.

Social Security benefits increasing this month due to higher cost of living. Here’s the payment calendar.

Around the World

Ethiopia signs agreement with Somaliland paving way to sea access: Ethiopia has taken the first legal steps on a path that could one day enable the landlocked country to gain access to the sea, its government says.

A series of powerful earthquakes hit western Japan, leaving at least four people dead and damaging buildings, vehicles and boats, with officials warning people in some areas on Tuesday to stay away from their homes because of a continuing risk of major quakes.

Lets Talk Business and Tech

This Little-Known Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stock Could Go Parabolic in 2024: SoundHound AI stock is down 85% from its all-time high. But 2024 could bring big moves for this innovative developer.

Business trends, people to watch and risks on the horizon in 2024

What’s next for tech in 2024? Kurt “CyberGuy” Knutsson looks ahead to the seven emerging trends and innovations in tech that will no doubt transform our lives.

Richer, Wiser, Happier

Tips for Americans looking to reduce their financial stress: Household expenses continue to rise and many Americans are expressing concern about their financial futures.

Saving Money: Understanding the 50-30-20 Budgeting Rule | Gabe Ross, Tip Pranks. Creating a monthly budget is a key component of good financial hygiene, allowing you to to break down and review your income and expenses. The 50-30-20 rule can be a useful mechanism to help organize and plan your finances.

How to get your finances in order: With a new year often comes a fresh desire to sort out money, budgeting and much more.

 Life Hacks to Hack Your Life

Why Do We Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Health Hacks To Achieve Your Healthiest Year Ever

What did you read in 2023? Let’s page through some reading lists

The Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

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