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Monthly Expenses, AI Bans, and Russian Art Fraud Cases

By January 31, 2024No Comments

Hey there, my wonderful American Centrist friends! I hope this morning finds you all feeling as fabulous as you look. If you’re feeling a little bit drained from the week, don’t worry – we’ll get through this together.

Joke of the Day: Why is it a bad idea to eat a clock?

It’s too time-consuming.

Keeping up with America

As major tech CEOs prepare to testify about protecting children on social media, one mother is suing over her daughter’s suicide: For Tammy Rodriguez, online safety for kids is literally a matter of life and death.

UPS is cutting 12,000 jobs, citing softer demand and higher costs: In July last year, UPS agreed to a contract with the Teamsters union, but no union jobs will be affected by the cuts.

Russian billionaire loses Sotheby’s fraud case over artworks including Salvator Mundi: Oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev had accused Sotheby’s of conspiring with dealer over pieces including Salvator Mundi, which later became the most expensive art sold at auction

Could Ohio be the next state to use nitrogen gas in executions? A new method would end a 5-year halt.

Rare whale found dead off Massachusetts may have been entangled, authorities say: Federal authorities say a rare whale found dead off Massachusetts shows potential evidence of injury from entanglement in fishing gear, which is one of the most pressing threats to the species.

Around the World

North Korea says it tested long-range cruise missiles to sharpen attack capabilities: North Korea said Wednesday it conducted a test-firing of long-range cruise missiles with an aim to sharpen its counterattack and strategic strike capabilities, in its latest display of weapons threatening South Korea and Japan.

At least half of Gaza’s buildings damaged or destroyed, new analysis shows: More than half of Gaza’s buildings have been damaged or destroyed since Israel launched its retaliation for the Hamas attacks of 7 October, new analysis seen by the BBC reveals.

Lets Talk Business and Tech

Mistrust to blame for artificial intelligence bans, new study finds

7 Tech Penny Stocks for Explosive Growth at Bargain Prices

KNOWLEDGE CENTER: 3 tips to manage your small business’ cash flow

Richer, Wiser, Happier

How to Track Monthly Expenses in 6 Steps: Tracking monthly expenses can help you get an accurate picture of where your money is going and where you’d like it to go.

What Is a Sinking Fund and How Do You Create One? | Rachel Cruze, Ramsey. I love sinking funds. What are sinking funds? They’re the perfect way to save up for any large expense. Whether you’re planning a trip to Disney World or buying a new couch or even a new car—sinking funds help you pay cash for all of it and avoid the post-purchase regret. So, let’s dive in to how sinking funds work and how to create one so you can get a head start on your savings goals!

How Fixed And Variable Expenses Differ: Part of creating a budget is distinguishing between fixed and variable expenses.

Sports and Showbiz Shenanigans

2024 NFL playoffs: Top free agents, projected landing spots for Mike Evans, 19 other vets from playoff teams | Three Thunder Players Selected For NBA’s Rising Stars Challenge

“Bad Fish” creators finish production on new film | Is the future of film production in St. Louis bright?

Byron Allen Makes $14B Offer to Buy Paramount Global | Kat Von D wins copyright lawsuit over Miles Davis tattoo

 Life Hacks to Hack Your Life

A Simple Trick for Defrosting Your Windshield in Less Than 60 Seconds

Skip the Gym and Use These 7 Easy Tips to Lose Body Fat at Home

32 Sandwiches Recipes to Put on Repeat

Valentine’s Day gift ideas: 7 Bluetooth speakers perfect for music lovers

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