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ChatGPT Hype, Eyeballs For Google, and Flight Risk Moves

By May 20, 2024No Comments

Hey there, my wonderful American Centrist friends! I hope this day finds you all feeling as fabulous as you look. If you’re feeling a little bit drained from the week, don’t worry – we’ll get through this together.

Joke of the Day: What do you call a cow on a trampoline?

A milk shake!

Keeping up with America

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said a lot of the young people protesting the Israel-Hamas war on college campuses “don’t know much of that history” of the region as American universities in recent weeks have become the center of opposition to the war’s toll on Palestinians in Gaza.

Child is among 3 dead after Amtrak train hits a pickup truck in upstate New York: The northbound Amtrak train hit a Dodge truck Friday evening in North Tonawanda, New York, a small town along the Niagara River, police said.

Google remains focused on its long quest for your eyeballs: AI Overviews, announced this week, are the culmination of a long line of products dedicated to keeping you on Google.

Sour Patch Kids Oreos? Peeps Pepsi? What’s behind the weird flavors popping up on store shelves: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream usually draws customers with gourmet takes on classics like vanilla and pistachio.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi killed in helicopter crash, state media says: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and other officials were killed in a helicopter crash in mountainous terrain near the Azerbaijan border, officials and state media announced Monday.

Around the World

Russia fails in rival UN bid on nuclear, other weapons in space: A Russian-drafted United Nations Security Council resolution that called on all countries to prevent “for all time” the placement, threat or use of any weapons in outer space failed on Monday with the 15-member body split over the move.

Haiti’s main international airport reopens nearly three months after gang violence forced it closed: Haiti’s main international airport reopened Monday for the first time in nearly three months after relentless gang violence forced authorities to close it.

Lets Talk Business and Tech

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Richer, Wiser, Happier

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Sports and Showbiz Shenanigans

Charles Barkley makes another joke hinting at the end of ‘Inside The NBA’ | How much will it cost to stream every NFL game in 2024? Breaking down every subscription

A24 Landing U.S. Rights For Two-Time Palme D’Or Winner Ruben Östlund’s Next Movie ‘The Entertainment System Is Down’ | New York counts on a post-strike comeback for TV and film production

Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Flight Risk’ Movie From Director Mel Gibson Lands Fall 2024 Release | Kevin Costner brought to tears by Cannes standing ovation

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