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2023 Tech Farewell, Cash Measures, and The Historic Struggle

By December 22, 2023No Comments

Hey there, my wonderful American Centrist friends! I hope this morning finds you all feeling as fabulous as you look. If you’re feeling a little bit drained from the week, don’t worry – we’ll get through this together.

Joke of the Day: What’s Santa’s favorite potato chip?


Keeping up with America

110 pounds of ketamine found in traveler’s baggage at Detroit Metro Airport: Officers found 110 pounds of ketamine in a traveler’s baggage at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday.

FDA warns about copycat versions of Ozempic diabetes drug: The health agency said the needles from thousands of seized injections are counterfeit and their sterility cannot be confirmed.

Hundreds alleged assault by youth detention workers. Years later, most suspects face no charges: Zach Robinson spent decades trying to fight off nightmares about being raped as a child at New Hampshire’s youth detention center.

Why are women in California facing homelessness at an alarming rate? Data shows 60,000 unhoused women in the state, among them domestic violence survivors, pregnant women and mothers.

2023 was the year return-to-office died. Experts share remote work trends expected in 2024: Remote work numbers have dwindled over the past few years as employers issue return-to-office mandates.

Around the World

Elf Bar and other e-cigarette makers dodged US customs and taxes after China’s ban on vaping flavors: Elf Bar and other e-cigarette makers dodged US customs and taxes after China’s ban on vaping flavors.

Prague shooting – Gunman dead after killing 14 at Charles University: A gunman has shot dead 14 people and injured another 25 at a university in Prague, officials say, in the deadliest attack in modern Czech history.

Lets Talk Business and Tech

Farewell to the Tech That Died in 2023: Each year, it’s in with the new and out with the old in the world of tech.

Why Free Cash Flow May Be the True Measure of a Company’s Value: The way to measure a company’s true value is by gauging the present value of its future free cash flow (FCF).

The historic struggle between workers and technology: The last year has seen headlines of hope and outright fear around the rapid development of artificial intelligence.

Richer, Wiser, Happier

Secret Santa Ideas: 7 Best Target Gifts for $25 to $50: Want to wow your friends and family with memorable gifts that don’t put too big of a pinch in your bank account?

How to achieve your 2024 financial resolutions | CBS News. CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger talks about a survey from Fidelity Investments about those considering a financial resolution for the upcoming year and how those can plan accordingly.

Free Budget Planner Worksheet: A successful budget planner helps you decide how to best spend your money while avoiding or reducing debt.

Sports and Showbiz Shenanigans

The NFL’s oddest day: How Dec. 26, 1993, found its way into weird football history | NBA trade rumors: Latest LaVine to Lakers talk nothing new, 76ers eyeing Anunoby

Martin Scorsese to receive lifetime achievement award at Berlin Film Festival | PENN Entertainment Breaks Ground on $185 Million Hollywood Casino Joliet in Illinois

Ricky Gervais Says Critics Are “Faux” Offended After Petition Asks Netflix to Remove Material From New Special ‘Armageddon’ | Comedian Jo Koy will host the 2024 Golden Globes

 Life Hacks to Hack Your Life

Sugary Snacks and Drinks Could Be Making You Depressed

Tech Tips: How To Scan Documents On iPhone?

Sports Psychology Tricks That Work for ADHD Brains

Book recommendations from Johns Hopkins scholars and experts

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